an apology

blistering heat
from the scourged and scoured sun
is turning and burning my skin
to a radiant dayglow rainbow 
of blues purples and reds

almost as cosmetically vibrant 
as the playful autumn leaves
shifting and drifting in swirling hot waves
as they dance to feverish mirliton serenades
over and around my broken body and mind

from ground level view the weeds rise tall
thistle crowns clover and dandelions
push skyward obscuring my vision
as the weeks creep by I lie
no more rivers
no more sky

my vision grows dimmer oh my eyes
and my muscles grow weak and sore
i know that even though i can't move them now
i can't move them anymore

the resurgent trees
suspend me now
branches spreading through my soul
compromising my fragile mortality
but physical pain has long since subsided
tears have lost their meaning
i can almost see the ground below

is this what it feels like to die
or is this what it feels like to live
ive risen so much been lifted up so high
by something so incomprehensively grand
without asking of me a thing to give

please forgive us mother nature earth
we have taken shaken and forsaken thee
only time will help us now
do with mankind as you will
life is over for me
i know that i cant speak for the rest of humanity

but i'm sorry...

fml and me

truth be told there is no truth
only smiling lies spoon fed to us 
since our carpet-crawling baby days of youth.

lies we were told to swallow like bad medicine
don’t you dare spit them out
for Christ’s sake keep them in.

of course the ones who passed along what they believed
were only a product of what their own parents had conceived
there is plenty of fault to go around
plenty of ignorant necks to hang 
the shame and blame about
the cycle goes on forever 
the give and the receive.

can it really be possible to break the chains
to swim against the swirling current
to row valiantly against the red tide
to vomit forth the grisly mass 
of delusional loyalty built up inside
after generations of acceptance 
just fucking stop
and start thinking for ourselves?

it’s sad really sad
hurts really bad
like a wagon ride pounding down a cobblestone street
when my pounding head needs extra pain relief
like a stab of light when I open my eyes to see
might as well keep them shut all the time.

FML and me…

puppy cries

i threw my coat on
unzipped and flapping in the morning wind
blowing around the corner 
of the house
down the sidewalk i saw a small black pup with big brown eyes
looking so tiny he could fit in my pocket 
small as a mouse

as i approached him oh so slowly
he seemed to want to run
i called him and offered out my hand
with a quiet smile
with hesitation and a bit of fear he came closer to me little wags of his tail
his little body was cold I could tell
hungry and tired

he smelled my fingers
his little tongue licked my thumb
he drew nearer to me needing my warmth
i bent down and gently picking him up walked back home

he ate every morsel of the kibble I put down
and drank up every drop
when he finally finished his belly was so full and round
i thought he just might pop
his little eyes closed slowly as I rubbed that pudgy belly
and he drifted off to a puppy sleep
not sure where he came from
but he was welcome in my home forever.

when dreams mix

strange moments like these seem a lifetime ago and part of someone else's past they sit back in one dark corner of my brain waiting for me to think about them again. 
 when i've been drinking too much or see an old friend in my sleep or hear an old song or smell a smell that i just can't remember what it means to me 
 oh when my dreams mix with my memories it's tough to tell them apart and after enough time passes by separating them is so hard 
 it makes me wonder if what i recall isn't real at all... it makes me wonder if the past i remember is make believe just fantasy... 
 a figment as they say product of a warped imagination the result of too many drugs 
 others call it creative insanity oh yes they get it but no one listens to them so they all shake their heads and settle for a big weird group hug 
 but i'm not like that i know what's going on i know i'm in control 
 just don't follow me ok i march to my own drum now let me sleep i have my future to create...

the seers (part I)

pulling at their leash
pulling against their hand
pulling against their restriction of life

pushing against their wall
pushing against their will
pushing against their boundaries of life

the seers say:

the binds that hold you down 
are also keeping you safe
with your best interests in mind 
they prevent your escape

open minds are also open 
to fear, sin, and pain
evil thoughts, evil deeds, evil acts
will surely warp the unprotected brain…

straining to see over
straining to see around
straining to hear the sounds of life

counting the minutes
counting on my hands
counting on the circle of life

but the seers say:

the bars that hold you in 
are also keeping enemies out
with our best intentions at heart 
we’re removing all doubt

we can’t just sit by
and let your soul be lost
evil thoughts, evil deeds, evil acts
will surely bring about the ultimate cost…

as i sit on the curb
and wait for the light to dim
i can feel hope slowly melting away 
resistance is low 
no strength to fight
exactly the result they’re planning on

i thought to myself
no way am i giving up…

to be continued

take it from me

every old worn out today is the same as an armful of brand new yesterdays quit trying to replace the future with things from the past 
 it aint gonna work and it won’t stand the test of time that’s not how life’s supposed to be you’ll find out soon enough take it from me 
 all your childlike tantrums fall flat when you aren’t a child but act that way quit trying to bring back what has already passed 
 it didn’t work before and you’re stupid to even try that’s not how you’re supposed to be you’ll find out soon enough take it from me 
 slow down and take a look back at where you’ve been should retrace your steps or not which direction do they go where do they lead 
 just remember… not every step forward is a step up and not all steps back are only down try to learn from your mistakes and cherish each victory each new day has a keyhole and each has a key 
 knowing which to use and when is the difference between standing still falling back or moving ahead from where you’ve been

happy happy joy joy

happy thoughts happy pictures happy photographs fleeting across the landscape of my brain smiling faces smiling people smiling photographs floating across like bubbles in the rain joyful hearts joyful souls joy filled photographs i wanna sing i wanna dance i want to laugh for once in i don’t know how long i actually feel like i belong unpacking my things letting down my guard doesn’t feel so wrong in this warm cozy sunny wonderful world where each bird saliently sings his soliloquy to the young skipping freckled girls… with playful fuzzy puppies and flowering flowers and no black killing disease where fluttering butterflies and cotton clouds surf whirling waves of sunshine in the laughing afternoon vanilla breeze happy thoughts happy pictures shit they’re all gone wtf happened? the smiles nope and the bubbles all popped they’re just wet fucking circles on the dirty ground i wanted to stay there you assholes—let me go you bind my hands and take my pants and stab my arms instead I’m confused was i hurting anyone was i being a threat to society i wasn’t jumping off a building or anything they hold me down but don’t talk to me this is my reality.

for the world to see

here i sit behind locked door held forever in an icy prison my ass stuck to the floor so numb and blue i got no feeling left except frosty feelings for you i can see beyond the bars a warm world outside full of happiness and joy and smiles but in here i’m so unbelievably cold and every day I age i’m getting so old… my fingers can’t hold anything you’re frozen solid in my brain it’s my own frigid siberian hell there’s no escaping i know there’s no way to break out of this cell… why do you drag me like a carcass behind your cart all the people laugh at what’s left of my heart they all point look and shake their heads weaving through the city streets the shattered remains of my love on display for the world to see…


he sits alone on the precipice of his life looking down he dares not look up for fear of losing his grip to tip the precarious balance between dark and light is enough of a push to make one simple step a fatal slip sitting in silence with the buzzing panic of static in his head it spreads through his concentration like a spinning cloud of electric flies he tries not to notice but it’s no use he closes his eyes so tight but it grows louder and louder until it totally encases his mind tightly wrapped in a translucent filminess amber yellow and warm swirling gray infused by popping and crackling sparks tenuous fingers pry and poke into his thoughts cracking open and scrambling his brain typical ordinary life is the normal exception anymore just a short intermission as the demon sleeps that fatal slip is looking more and more tempting a means to an end farewell to family foes and friends

brainstems & rainstorms

a systemic resorting of systematic phases just circular patterns in their symbiotic mazes synaptic consolation so intense just the chaotic surface tension of canvas circus tents (tragic circumstance) structural integrity now so compromised unstable unusual usability grid shows bias rapid synaptic diminishing of the pendulous arc moves visual acuity towards abandonment in light of the dark brain stems and rain storms flashes of electric as the funnel forms refracting reflecting in and off unfocused eyes lacking comprehension blackened depthless dimensions brain stems and rain storms torrential bitstreams are now the norm bridging the bituminous gap between sighs and cries crackling transmissions attempting synaptic emissions no counter no response no reply at all reactor reaction is null zero pulse zero current zero beat operation is incomplete…


choose a view of the current plan hold it closely in your gentle hands enjoy your life as long as you can reach your conclusion, notify me to slow down, nod, or disagree the future’s past is all I can see i can’t explain how you will feel just be careful to show, conceal be very cautious to hide, reveal outlooks change when directions won’t opinions change when people don’t pick your poison, where you choose to go follow your heart at the fork in the road don’t tarry, don’t stop don’t you worry about me I’ll be along soon I’ll follow suit you’ll see I’m just mesmerized by the sight of the masses lulled into action by the orange piper’s flute

an apology

blistering heat from the scourged and scoured sun is turning and burning my skin to a radiant dayglow rainbow  of blues purples and reds alm...