with hammer in hand he approached the wall

with determination and motive and drive

no distraction from his mission

anger or hate wasn’t that small quiet voice

of an evil deity whispering in his ear

portraying the harbinger of dire times to fear

no warped perspective of society

distorted his perception

his brain was right his vision clear

he struck the stone with such raw primal force

the wall stones exploded violently

releasing fragments of life and death

into the air land and sea

and the dust was cleared

and the road revealed

and the land ahead could be seen

he led the masses forward

through the rocks and debris

he carried the sick ones

and the lame and elderly

crushing the rocks to sand below his feet

he led the masses home

through the dark of night and day’s heat

fighting and fending off

the hostile foes and enemies

until safety and happiness were reached

and the miles were passed

the destination gained at last

it was their Eldorado shining bright and fast


feel the cold wrinkled soul of the lonely old man
just lying there waiting to die…
rests his back on a sack
of aluminum cans,
with the life flowing out of his eyes.

the world he once knew
had passed as he grew
and like a pair of worn shoes was replaced,
the house he called home
and his warm comfort zone,
were torn down
to open up space.

it could’ve been worse he thought to himself
as his hope perked like a pound puppy’s ears,
but days bounced like boulders
on his chest
and his shoulders
as they piled up
into years.

his energy waned
as he wrestled and strained
the concrete sidewalk was stained from the fight,
the cardboard box he called home
a makeshift personal zone,
had been torn from the rain overnight.

with one final breath
he almost welcomed his death
it seemed so peaceful and damn right inviting…

crunch my data instead

repetitively incompletely synchronized
with the sync,
another inconsistent error materialized
breaking the link

whatever clicks with you
clicks with me
your ui shows it graphically
at least that's what you said
stack my punchcards in your corner
and reel my tape around your head
boot me up and then power me down
please don't wipe my drive…
crunch my data instead.

sure my screen is cracked
gorilla glass my ass
i can still see you
in all your 5 megapixel glory...
been your silent partner for way too long
and i can't handle another update
time for the toss in the rubbermaid tote
to seal my technological fate,
end of story.

time lender

brother can you lend some time…

fingers black dirty and broken nails
scratch across the cardboard home
with arms crossed defiantly

a wooden fire crackles low and cold
and the smoky pipes trickle mud
into the heavy evening air

streaming fog water puddles
down the glass bottles
lining the shopping cart path

he forces half a smile
thru long forgotten teeth
offers one shaky hand
to shake mine
thanks me with a cough
and a raspy laugh

i can only give you hope
i'm not the keeper of time
i don't wear the coat of many colors
or the cloak of invincibility

i'm only a man of limited powers
with no real light to shine
but i'll be happy to stand beside you
and lend a hand for eternity

then he slowly turns away
knowing fate is inherently fickle
she only picks a few lucky winners
in the lottery of life

those who'll move on
those who will succeed
those fortunate few
who help the unlucky others
are lucky ones indeed

i look down at my hands
broken nails and all
and the sagging paper roof and muddy floor
of the b…


they huddled around the roaring warmth as closely as they could
the flames licked their hands until their skin smelled like burnt wood
they tried not to exchange glances
casting their eyes to the ground
but every now and then they took their chances
to take a sneaky look around

carcasses of their enemies
piled up like frozen logs
the only refuge from the pounding seas
and the howling growling dogs
on the wind a cacaphony of lonely mountain cries
wilderness calls from those alone
to the deaf ear of the arctic skies...


There I was walking among the swaying trees, palms I think, although I didn't give it much thought at the time. I was deep in thought. Trying to release what i had to release, retain what I had to retain. Regain what I lost. Restrain what I couldn't hold back…

Ok I digress. Did you know that digression is a form of expression, but only to yourself? Tragically too many people don't realize this. Or realize that. Whatever person you're talking in or to.

Anyway, I was walking among those trees. The fronds were slapping against my wet legs, or maybe my legs were dry and the fronds were wet. That seems a little more logical. They were the ones out in the rain overnight, not my legs. I can prove it. Just don't ask for photos.

The waves crashed against the rocks and I ate a sandwich. That was after I got out of the trees and being frond-slapped. It was a good sandwich, made of lettuce, tomato, and some kind of white cheese with sliced turkey. No spread though w…


i don't know how things were back then
those darkened days of racial inequality
there are still places
as disgraceful as they are
that still embrace cutting a bloody line in-between

i try my best to avoid that mess
that long mistaken perspective of racial indignity
judging an individual
by anything other than their merits
not race, creed, beliefs or sexuality

everyone wants to believe they are better
than the one they fear the most
the one they know nothing about

that lack of knowledge
naturally creates a lack of trust
hiding in an uncomfortable darkness
your walls go up
and they inevitably
close your mind