white noise

an open letter to the Lord of the Manor...

take a moment
to look out
look down on the people
toiling in the world below
creating the isolated paradise you enjoy
they've been building your ivory tower
with their bones

and when they seek shelter
from the burning acid rain
beneath your holy folds
you retire inside
to a satisfied sleep
warm dreams
in a golden bed

and the wet get wetter
the cold get colder
the sick get sicker
but the old don't get older
they just die.

so dig into the white noise
with your silver spoon
into the soft insulation surrounding your life
take a taste take a scoop
taste what you've been avoiding
taste what you've missed

dig through the white noise
take a look through
at the unwashed masses of humanity
have a listen hear the agony
hear what you've been missing
hear what you missed

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