The City

The city was quiet on that night as I took a stroll
Walking down towards the park
Kick a rock watch it roll
Headset on I couldn't hear the silence as it hit me
Bouncing off my indifference
Falling on deaf ears harmlessly...

Crossing the street the signs shine
On and off the wet walkway
Diagonal lines cross my eyes with points of icy light
Shadows slide over the stonewalls onto my shoes.

City whispers slip into my head
Creeping along the wires
Stinging my skin like monkeygrass
Running towards the waterline
Away from the Serengeti fires...

Breathe where there is no smoke-filled air
Breathe deeply when you can catch your breath
Take a breath for me my dear
Before it's taken by death.

But now I am home in this city of stone buildings and people
Calling it home doesn't remove
The false bravado and facade
Closing the door after entering
Doesn't keep me here...
Fear inside is still fear...

an apology

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