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My 2¢: Apple

My 2¢:

Because I tend to side with the underdog, I've been an avid and vocal supporter of the Apple Computer corporation over the past 20+ years. Anything that had the Apple logo on it I was a fan of, and I suppose I even qualified as a "fanboy." As a professional creative I loved what the company stood for--Thinking Differently--and I lived for bucking the status quo (the PC-centric society).

But lately things have changed. Apple has become the King of the Hill, doing anything and everything to defend what they feel is their inherent "intellectual property" at all costs, in the computer, mobile, and music industries.

When Jobs died many of his personal perspectives and vendettas were published. That COMPLETELY changed my opinion about him, and Apple as a result. Up until that time I had a great deal of respect and admiration for the man, in both a personal and business sense. I would never have guessed that he harbored so much hatred for the competi…