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powerlines slice the blue morning sky into ribbons
bare black branches poke the puffy clouds
industrial dust red with the sunrise rises like fire
iron furnaces slinging slabs of slag

exploding hot fury
against white fences
whitewashed to camoflage the mud
spattered up
from the passing trucks
on their way to the corporate dump

brickface warehouses guard the avenue
facing themselves
looking down
on passing traffic in front
as the loaders drive by
belching diesel into the sky

at their backdoor
the alleys stay dark even at bright noon
shadows contribute
to the delinquency
of the city
the warehouses are oblivious
so blind
their window panes
lie shattered on the ground

the walls tremble as the trucks pass by
factory bound and then back again
bouncing down the pavement
whipping by a hot wave
of metallic electricity
birds fly away
gray dead streets crack even wider
crumbling curbs and peeling walls

powerlines slice the indigo evening sky into ribbons
bare black branches poke the puffy c…