behind the wall
there's no curtain call
lights go up all across the hall

nothing but silence
downcast eyes
hands clutching raincoats
shuffling feet
heavy sighs

reaching way down
into my pack of lies
convinced if i tell a good one
it won't mean my demise

reaching down inside
winding up letting fly
if they feel what i reveal
they won't be surprised

i stand
for the cause
but not just because it's a cause
it's just cause it's the just thing to do

i understand
it's a plausable pause
if one takes a break
to feel the wake of applause
to embrace the grace
and taste the accolades

run out into the street
rain wet pavement greets
cold wind on my skin
through my clothes
soaking feet

i can hide from the people
the unforgiving audience
but can't from the tenancy
of my downtrodden conscience

the stain of the pain
is tattooed on my brain
entangled in the web
of my own electric fence

an apology

blistering heat from the scourged and scoured sun is turning and burning my skin to a radiant dayglow rainbow  of blues purples and reds alm...