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a hard-bound tome of tempting tales clapped tight anxiously awaits wide open eyes, parchment pages ache to turn with a touch within the bindings bring unknown fates laughter, song, tears.
like so many others on wooden dusty shelves forgotten, hiding in plain sight, fighting dim light and the casual glance as a browser passes by, the struggle continues, days turn to night no interested reader nears.
ahh to dream to be stuffed into a ratty knapsack or sent to a childhood friend to be passed along to a son or neice ahh to dream.
autumn collectors move in and out leaves rattle along the sidewalk the patter of cold rain on canopy canvas wooden floorboards creak close then an unfamiliar sound the crackle of long-unopened pages a sigh, a smile the crisp and jingle at the counter
the joy of being found the joy of being wanted the joy of going home.