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when the winds wrapped tightly around his legs
like long cat tails whipping angry and wet
he could feel the breath of death
hot on the back of his neck.

that quiet whisper
that filled his head
wouldnt soon settle quietly
on the ears of the dead
it would become the battlecry
of the siren's in the ocean deep
and trumpeted from
all the highest mountaintops

he would find no peace hidden in dim seclusion
on isle, in cave
or perched on precipice high,
he would glean no heat from the roaring fire
no warmth from the dancing flame
just a cold flat flickering light.

returning to the place he once knew
crossing spring fields
walking along the city's edge
his heart beat as loudly as the grass grew…

his memories filled the empty sidewalks
with happy faces
and happy afternoons
his mind painted the tall buildings so high
and the storefronts bright
like they were once before
like they used to be
like it was when the sky was clear
and the air wasnt full of disease.

but even the fo…