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burning leaves i smell the smoke from neighborhood fires
in the late fall air i can feel the wind bite my skin
off down the avenue i can see the kids are playing.

frost on my fingertips as i look out the window glass
dusk darkens the yard the wet sidewalks the streets
moonlight outlines the clouds as it plays through
the bare empty branches of the trees.

light snowy flakes dust the autumn leaves
as a chilly gust pushes them across the drive
crunchy gatherings in curb corners and against the wall.

it makes me sad but not totally
it makes me wonder and think
of yesterday.

i can fill my head with thoughts of time
years passed by and times i've cried
or i can insulate my memories
with nice things shiny thoughts and happy dreams.

riding my bike my hair blown back
flying my mind above the clouds
anywhere i wanted to go nothing holding me down.

legs burning i would ride for miles
out to the airport out to the runway
watch listen and take it all in that was my world.

it makes me sad but n…