curl up with a good book
at the end of a day
dont forget to close the curtains
turn out the light
oh to sleep the sleep of the dead
just try to have a dreamless night
just try

masses of faceless robots stare at me
through the wind
their metal oily greasy fingers grabbing
at my skin
lost in empty houses where i swear
ive never been

spirits curve around my brain
and freeze me
voices from way back when
just tease me

no longer are my dreams an escape
theyre just a new slippery slope
to the dark side of my brain

coming down on the other side
of the med
its the catalyst of the melee
in my head
a love hate relationship
when im in rem

but it does color
my subliminal state
without it i would be
swimming in ashen gray
im a slave to the benefits
i dont want to escape

i live on a slippery slope
to the dark side of my brain

an apology

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