when our sun bursts and dries to a filmy circle upon the dusty linoleum floor of the universe, we shall see a path...

and that path will be rocky on our soles and our souls. and that rocky path will force us to purge our hearts and set our eyes above what lies at our feet, and upon what lies ahead on the horizon. what really matters most. not what we can see, touch, or hear, but what we feel in our hearts as compassion for our fellow citizen. whatever form that compassion takes is welcome, as long as it is not self-serving but aids another citizen in becoming a better citizen, a better friend, a better mentor.

but that alone cannot replenish our souls and set our feet upon the right path to the right place. synchronized fluidity within our senses can only be attained when solidarity is established between the nucleus of our gestation and the outbound motivators that threaten our steadfast perserverence.

coincidently, the actions that dictate our counteractions have been set in motion prior to the beginning of our existence. with our lives so dependent upon validation and personification of idolatry we falter at tangible exchange and interaction. we cling to our castles in the air, our golden rings, our false gods. we are quick to level our justification, slow to embrace self-evaluation, dismissing criticism as pointless pointed words & catchy catch phrases.

immovable sanctions with unlimited boundaries create virtual walls surrounding our toils and play alike. no one is as blissful as one unaware of his shackle chains, and he chooses to dismiss them as only links of love.

mayors and kings fill their pockets and heads with riches and thoughts of more than they could ever imagine, always disappointed with what riches they have, always greedy to grab the very most, always needy to boast about their greed.

an apology

blistering heat from the scourged and scoured sun is turning and burning my skin to a radiant dayglow rainbow  of blues purples and reds alm...