with hammer in hand he approached the wall

with determination and motive and drive

no distraction from his mission

anger or hate wasn’t that small quiet voice

of an evil deity whispering in his ear

portraying the harbinger of dire times to fear

no warped perspective of society

distorted his perception

his brain was right his vision clear

he struck the stone with such raw primal force

the wall stones exploded violently

releasing fragments of life and death

into the air land and sea

and the dust was cleared

and the road revealed

and the land ahead could be seen

he led the masses forward

through the rocks and debris

he carried the sick ones

and the lame and elderly

crushing the rocks to sand below his feet

he led the masses home

through the dark of night and day’s heat

fighting and fending off

the hostile foes and enemies

until safety and happiness were reached

and the miles were passed

the destination gained at last

it was their Eldorado shining bright and fast

an apology

blistering heat from the scourged and scoured sun is turning and burning my skin to a radiant dayglow rainbow  of blues purples and reds alm...