lunatic wind

it's just that lunatic wind again
looking for an open mind to blow in…

it's just an old forgotten man 
pacing the cracked linoleum
dusty musty summer afternoons 
at the old folk's home.

up and down the waxey yellow hallway he goes
back and forth in his linty flappy slapping slippers
and old flannel robe
he must be getting closer
he knows…

grumbling chuckles underneath his breath
crackling echoes through his poligrip teeth
a sharp rapping tapping of his cane
on the visitor lounge window pane
makes the children scatter
like cats in the rain
and brings a smile
to the mildly insane.

shuffling back to his room he retraced his steps
pausing a minute to count how many
empty pepper bottles were left
how many stood on his window sill…

each one represented a tender embrace
and the smile he remembered
on his grandson's face
as he fell asleep after the late show
and taking his pills.

they carried his belongings out in a great big box
the staff were busy with red tape and paperwork
they buried him and his belongings in another box
down in the ground, back to the earth.

the old flannel robe
was buried with him
but no one minded
no one batted an eye.

the crazy wind was calm that day

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