cast away

without control exists chaos
and chaotic existence kills life

disagreeing with the masses
or not following the leader's lead
temporarily creates diversion
camouflages internal need

casting away individuality
is not clamping on the chains
identifing loss of indemnity
hides eternal flames

and creating existence
to extinguish it
and building just to raze
sequesters juried evidence
blocks the light
creates more night
and less days

without control exists chaos
and chaotic existence kills life


the dreams came pouring
out of her mind like rain
translucent waves
of cool blue membrane
past reflections
and distant horizons yet to gain

masking her mask
with a mask of indifference
committing to both
while maintaining her innocence
the facade of smile or frown
does not reflect real intelligence

her inner being soon melted
to her core so pure and smooth
the pathway to her innocence
overshadowed by her mood

she danced
and she captured face of the moon
in her fingertips
she swam across the ocean
with a siren's song on her lips

she sang
she sang the song of the sky from her heart
she swam across the waters
until the heavens fell apart


With no feeling in his hands
he could touch
The sun.
But with no feeling in his heart
he'd never touch
The Face of God.


ive been sitting here
watching life go by
watching the rain fall
seeing the puddles dry
looking for rainbows
out of my cloudy eyes
but all ive seen so far
is an empty sky

ive been sitting here
trying to smile and sing
trying to put into song
all the trouble life brings
trying to tie together
a few of the empty things
and make a new lifeline
out of a lifeless string

an apology

blistering heat from the scourged and scoured sun is turning and burning my skin to a radiant dayglow rainbow  of blues purples and reds alm...