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Taking a deep breath,
Breathing in the still night air
Cool and wet, damp on my arms,
Hanging a misty gray halo around the moon.

Feeling the cool concrete roughness
Under my feet, under my legs
Clicks, whirs, night sounds poke the silence
Clean breezes brush across my face.

As I walk the slippery rock path down between the trees
Further towards the water,
Dim branches scrape my legs
Small eyes see me
Small bodies run from my steps.

Crunching tires
Passing headlights up the nearby hillside road
Frog plops and flapping wings warn me
Water murky green.

Technology bites!

Today I learned a somewhat hard lesson about being possibly too reliant upon technology.

My Blackberry didn't wake me up this morning (Monday of course) like it usually does with a gentle playing of the NFL on Fox sports theme. No, it was busy displaying a spinning beachball some various errant characters at random positions on the screen. I soft restarted the device and took a shower. When I returned it was displaying "APP ERROR 523 RESET" on a white screen. Not good. Really not good because anything that has to do with operating system problems on Blackberry devices cannot be resolved unless you are a PC user, or have a Mac with an Intel processor, of which group I am neither.

I winced and thought, "Great, what a way to start a day let alone a Monday."

I went into work with my lifeless Curve in tow, and proceeded to research the error via the all-knowing internet. "Reinstall the system software," is what I read time after time, so I emailed my wife an…