time lender

brother can you lend some time…

fingers black dirty and broken nails
scratch across the cardboard home
with arms crossed defiantly

a wooden fire crackles low and cold
and the smoky pipes trickle mud
into the heavy evening air

streaming fog water puddles
down the glass bottles
lining the shopping cart path

he forces half a smile
thru long forgotten teeth
offers one shaky hand
to shake mine
thanks me with a cough
and a raspy laugh

i can only give you hope
i'm not the keeper of time
i don't wear the coat of many colors
or the cloak of invincibility

i'm only a man of limited powers
with no real light to shine
but i'll be happy to stand beside you
and lend a hand for eternity

then he slowly turns away
knowing fate is inherently fickle
she only picks a few lucky winners
in the lottery of life

those who'll move on
those who will succeed
those fortunate few
who help the unlucky others
are lucky ones indeed

i look down at my hands
broken nails and all
and the sagging paper roof and muddy floor
of the box i call home

i have to smile through the emptiness
i guess i can't complain
i suppose i have nothing left to lose
and all the world to gain

i called out his name...

an apology

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