casual eye

if i ever thought this was the way to heaven
i mustve been outta my mind
i should turn around and head back
the way i came

but something inside keeps telling me to push on
even though i keep shooting widely
with my eyes closed tightly
and mighty unsure of my aim

pitfalls and pitchforks
line this twisting roadway
potholes and hairpin turns
grip the wheel as the tires burn
look at me youd think id learn

im not as bright as you give me credit for
but then again im not a knucklehead either
ill surprise you if you give me the chance
dont expect too little
dont expect too much
but im a wallflower on a mission
and youll have to ask me to dance

it might all seem pretty crazy to you
an insider looking into my little world
just back away a little and look in again
the closer you are
the worse things appear
distance is my camouflage

youll see im pretty far away from myself too
it should be fairly clear to the casual eye
dont hold me when i want to run
dont push me when im standing still
im not a rocket scientist
im not a brain surgeon here
im not a complicated guy

to the casual eye
im not a complicated guy

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