i wont haunt you anymore

i see you walking
along the evening street
with a new love
so i wont haunt you anymore

the happiness in your eyes
every time you meet him
is pure love
so i wont haunt you anymore

youve moved on
and its been too many years
you deserve to live
and let me pass away
so i wont haunt you anymore

the chains that bind me
shouldnt bind you too
shouldnt bind you to me
or me to you

those whispers and shadows
that slide out of sight
when you glance behind you
the gentle caress on your cheek
while you sleep at night
will fade with the darkness
in the morning
and return no more

dont hold on to me
my darling
i need you to push me away
i need help to let you go
but i need you to love me forever
in your dreams
let me live forever in your heart
and memories

you have the power
please say the word so i will leave your life
but i will never leave your heart
i just wont haunt you anymore

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