close your eyes

i took a drive along the beach last night
along the water's edge
i felt a little like the ocean waves
breaking against the sand
scatttering my thoughts upon the shoreline

i got out of my ride
and stood silently facing the sea
i let the water wash over my naked feet
closing my eyes I leaned back
and let the breeze
make me feel comfortably complete

i could feel my feet leave the sand
the wind swirled around me
spinning my head
my mind went blank
it felt like the angels found me

with my eyes still closed i could see
the life that had passed
and all remaining moments
that still awaited me

i grasped more enlightenment
and was much more cognisant
ten thousand percent

i was too afraid and yet far too happy
to open my eyes
i didnt want to leave this place
and fall out of the skies

terra firma holds no big surprise
like a dancer in disguise
same enticing moves
same mesmerizing thighs
just a losers compromise

so i decided to embrace my new found freedom
blind to the world but so wide-eyed to the abandon
enjoying every minute that i lived within
like a smooth crystal bubble
surrounding and
my skin
holding me like a newborn babe

drifting up and over the cresting swells
the blue cool current guided me

I sailed playfully dragging my toes
through the bubbling and surging wavetops
of spray and foam
until i felt the heat of the sun again
as it tickled and warmed my skin

i knew i was finally home

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