fml and me

truth be told there is no truth
only smiling lies spoon fed to us 
since our carpet-crawling baby days of youth.

lies we were told to swallow like bad medicine
don’t you dare spit them out
for Christ’s sake keep them in.

of course the ones who passed along what they believed
were only a product of what their own parents had conceived
there is plenty of fault to go around
plenty of ignorant necks to hang 
the shame and blame about
the cycle goes on forever 
the give and the receive.

can it really be possible to break the chains
to swim against the swirling current
to row valiantly against the red tide
to vomit forth the grisly mass 
of delusional loyalty built up inside
after generations of acceptance 
just fucking stop
and start thinking for ourselves?

it’s sad really sad
hurts really bad
like a wagon ride pounding down a cobblestone street
when my pounding head needs extra pain relief
like a stab of light when I open my eyes to see
might as well keep them shut all the time.

FML and me…

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