mah daddy

mah daddy grew up in a southwestern town
nothin but dirt and dust blowin around
he said son i don't wanna see you
windin up back there
so he bought me a dress
and put flowers in my hair

taught me to dance and sing
and how to lasso cows
bout taught me everything
cept how to to pull dem plows
then one day he looked at me
said no son that's all wrong
so he bought me a ticket to the city
said your too goddamn ugly to be pretty

so go git on your man pants
and don't look back ya see
always keep your eyes ahead
and don't ya follow me

my daddy was a good man
always lookin out for the ones he loved
my daddy was a real good friend
never said a bad word you could hear

he'd spit upon the ground in frontcha
rather than pick a fight witcha
but he'd be the first to shitcha
cos it'd make ya laugh & he'd hitcha
takin up his ax he'd splitcha ear to ear

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